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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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for the poor. but let's look at what police seized here last week. you're seeing pictures danny by dps after tha all total, 45 guns and 84,000 rounds were taken by law enforcement according to the department of public safety. the agency has been beefing up its security for the past year and has four law enforcement officers. officials were unable to spokeswoman said they have had numerous threats made against the agency. one lawmaker say this is a troubling story. >> this is really scary. we put a lot of trust in the people who run our public agencies. to have this much lethal force available inside a department that people depend on for their lives for no reason, th problematic. >> reporter: several other state agencies are allowed to
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their buildings. other than dps no other agency has been stockpiling arms like this. >> such a strange story. we'll be hear a lot more about that. developing tonight, a tucson police officer is in critical condition. and another is doing okay after they were shot by a wanted felony suspect. the officers tried to arrest the man for aggravated assault this morning but he opened fire, hitting both officers. they were able to fire back, killing the man. >> we on the ground, that's when i told my kids to stay in the house. >> the officers that were struck by gunfire, both veterans of the department, ten years of service with us. >> one officer is in critical condition. the officer who is in good condition could be release tonight or tomorrow. two people remain in jail following a police shooting at the talking stick record and casino. salt river police checked out a suspicious car
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garage last night. that's when a man and a woman inside that car tried to get away by ramming one of their patrol units. an officer opened fire. no one was hit. they later arrested both of those suspects after their car broke down. family and friends. to know what happened to this sco mother. she's been missing now for more than a >> reporter: her family suspected something was always wrong, but yesterday scottsdale pd confirmed they do believe foul play was involved. family and friends all came together today to make an appeal for anyone who knows anything about their their loved one's
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her truck, pass board, all her possessions were found at the apartment, a place she shared at this time with jalani suggs who is now in jail on violent crimes. we need somebody to speak up, look at these faces, look cristin's pictures and know she this family needs here. we need her. >> there is a reward for information that leads to an arrest. new tonight we have more answers about skyhigh water bills in buckeye. some people got billed more than $1,000 and
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about high water bills, that includes 19 cases that have been adjusted because they identified the leak or source of water. in 26 cases. and the city is waiting to hear back from 15 homeowners. armed robbery charges have been filed against a man who was posing as a woman on social media. this man would lure men to a specific spot and theb victims. he admitted to police he robbed the victims and he needed the money to help his family. police have released body camera video showing policet man accused of stealing jewelry belongin they opened the suitcase which did not belong to him. inside was
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we have new developments tonight on a 6-year-old little boy that was left for hours on a valley school bus. >> that bus driver has now been fired. >> jason joins us live from sunrise preschool in mesa. >> reporter: the big question is how could something like this happen? how could a kid be forgotten and left a school bus without anyone noticing? no one wants answers more than michelle garcia. it was her 6-year-old son michael who was left behind on a bus for more than two hours yesterday with everyone frantically looking for him. he had fallen asleep in the back of the bus. i spoke to the vice president of the preschool today. they have strict plszs and procedures that bus drivers -- policies and procedures that bus drivers are required to follow to keep track
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driver in this case d not follow protocol and as a result was fired today. garcia believes the driver should face criminal charges. >> i feel that there's more that needs to be done. as a mom, if i did it, everyone would be expecting me to face charges. and i probably would have all three of my children taken. >> reporter: a report has been filed with the mesa police department which is conducting whether the school bus driver should be charged with a crime. the female driver had told police she thought michael had gotten off the bus at school and never saw him asleep in the back. a sunrise official told me that safety and security is their no. 1 priority, and efforts are underway to make sure something like this never happens again. are you afraid of heights?
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be a firefighter. the peoria fire and medical diameter released this it tests recruits by making them climb up this ladder truck to the top, 90 feet high. they then hook the harness in. they tell the recruits to lean back, let go to show the trust in their equipment. i don't think i could do that. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] hundred was million was people use instagram. we have answers on the most instagram places. we're talking around the world. >> it's not worth your life. >> a valley family isn't playing around when it comes to
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>> and she reached out to children all across the
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instagram is sharing its
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world include disney theme parks, central park in new york city. the top geotagged places in arizona are right here, the grand canyon, hoover dam, and sky harbor airport. >> wow . that one is kind of surprising. [ laughter ] don't mess with this chandler home that's all decked out for the holidays. >> frost searmed and so homeowners. the family put up a sign that says "stealing this light is not worth your life." they secured down the lights and a laser light which is a popular target for crooks. >> we're pretty serious that we don't want anything stolen. or anyone getting hurt. i know it's a little redneck, but the neighbors get a kick out of it. >> the homeowners put up the sign after hearing about christmas lights getting stolen,
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a place many people dread. usually filled with long lines and wait times. we have answers on why it's waiving vehicle speeds for some people in arizona. >> i whng you're sick, you kind of grow up -- think when you're sick, you grow up faster than most teenagers. >> a valley teenager is sewing blankets and sending them to children across the world.
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police in surprise are asking residents if they know anything about a man's death. his body was found last night. they're calling his death suspicious. a tempe man who recorded other men in a restroom is out of jail tonight. they found dozen was videos on his cellphone taken in september and october. he she being charged with unlawful tape recording. more charges could be filed. a state representative will spend the next year on supervised probation.
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who pleaded guilty to unlawful use o troops in southern arizona are coming together to fight hate crimes. hundreds gather forward a new movement being called "we stand together." this follows an increase in the number of hate crimes reported in the past seven days, they have received reports. >> it's really great just to know that there's support for me, for my family, for everyone who just showed up. and we're all here for each other. >> this also addressed how to respond to hate comments for
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some vehicle fees will be waived for survivors personnel. they rel move the vehicle registration free and the vehicle license packs. it only applies to spouse researchers at the university of arizona will study the causes of cancer in firefighters. the first responders from tucson, boston, and florida cancer is a leading cause of death among firefighters. something most parents pray they never have to go through,
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take their child's life. ian schwartz introduces us to a young girl who found comfort in an unusual place after major surgery. >> reporter: a stranger's heart now beats in her chest. >> the hardest thing as a parent is to watch your kid in pain. >> reporter: it's been a long road for the family after five heart surgeries, the latest a transplant in october. >> since then i've really good nights rest. >> reporter: she's not talking about her new heart, but a custom blanket she got in the hospital. >> it was really comfortable were there were wasn't from some big company looking for pr, or a person who gets paid to work with kids but from a young girl like jenna. >> she's like super girl. i couldn't find any super girl colors but i was able to kind of come up with that print remember
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blankets for really sick kids. she taught herself how to sew and has made more than 2 hundred blankets for kids around the world. she says hugs only go so far but this blanket has helped comfort his daughters in ways he never imagined. >> we wanted to nominate you for the pay it forward award. and we have a small gift for you. >> to make more blankets. >> reporter: she does it because she too is chronically ill be cooped up in a hospital. >> i think when you're sick, you kind of grow up fast, faster than most teenagers. >> reporter: jenna and her family are so grateful for makenna and her blanket, saying it made scary days after surgeries that much easier. >> it is amazing. it just makes you feel good, like okay, i can
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if you would like to donate to help her buy fabric, we linked our facebook page and instagram account on our website to get you started. when the sun goes down in the desert, cool temps quickly, right? >> like snapping the fingers. >> the sun went down around 5:20, we were around 62 degrees. we already dropped to 56. >> wow. >> and you'll need a nice blanket for sure ton look outside, mostly clear skies, temperatures dropping to the 40s once again. here we 56 degrees. temperatures drop again tonight, and some fairly calm conditions. a few light snow showers. you can see here on futurecast, we'll stop around
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some snowfall wind will pick up a little bit in the afternoon especially around the western part of the state. lake havasu, 48 degrees, 27 in prescott. sedona. our high temperature, 2:00 pm, they cool down quickly once the sun sets and the 7-day forecast, pretty good over the weekend. 63 for friday. a few afternoon clouds, bit of a breeze in the afternoon and evening, and upper 60s saturday, above average temperatures sunday. next disturbance, clouds and snowfall in height country, and temperatures below average through thursday next week. everything you need to know before prime time is coming up next.
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>> a tucson police officer one of two officers shot trying to arrest an aggravated assault suspect. that suspect was killed when the officers fired back. second is in good condition and could be released from the hospital tonight or tomorrow. a bus driver in mesa has been fired for leaving a 6-year-old little boy on the bus alone for two hours. he was supposed to be dropped off at sunrise preschool but he fell asleep donald trump spoke in cincinnati promising to boost wages and keep jobs. he will nominate james mattis for defense secretary. connect with
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#cbs5az. fire crews in houston rescued this 53 it was stuck near a residential development. a lot of water in that canal, will be returned to the wild after some much-needed twell, >> that's one of those snapping turtles. >> that's why they're keeping their distance! [ laughter ] >> that took a lot of effort! >> good rescue. >> that's it for us here at 6:30. >> hope to see you back at
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